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#23 The Peggy Blouse                         View More Versions

Peggy-Blouse-1 Peggy-Blouse-2 Peggy-Blouse-3

Customer feedback:

“Because you can create does not imply you can teach. Paganoonoo Peggy Blouse Pattern is the exception to that “rule”. Concise, clear, well-written. Thank you! I’ve read the instructions, and am eager to cut and stitch.”

Great directions – easy to use. I’ve made two of these shirts so far and have received lots of compliments.!

#20 The Patti Blouse                                               View More Versions

 _GTP3558_1024  _GTP3560_1024  _GTP3561_1024

Customer Feedback:

“Easy to follow directions with lots of great tips.”

#21 The Ashlee Blouse                                               View More Versions

  _GTP8216_1024 2  thumb__GTP8222_1024_1024 thumb__GTP8218_1024_1024

Customer Feedback:

I love to sew and I do it nearly everyday but I am the type that either needs directions or a pattern, I am not creative or artsy but tell me how to do it and I’ll reproduce anything. For the past few months I’ve attempted this type of style several times on my own and each one was worse than the last lol. Today, I made my very first lagenlook blouse and I loved every minute of it! The directions were clear and extensive, seller responded super quick to a question I had and in great detail to be sure I understood it. I really hope she continues to make upcycled sewing patterns like this as I finally understood how to put these together. I agree with description, absolutely for the intermediate sewer or advanced beginner. I now have the confidence to keep making them and each one will be better than the first!”

#25 The Sandy Blouse                                               View More Versions

The-Sandy-Blouse-1 The-Sandy-Blouse-2 The-Sandy-Blouse-3

#27 The Michelle Dress


#26 The Paganoonoo Double
Collar Upcycling Pattern                                               View More Versions

Paganoonoo-Double-Collar1 Paganoonoo-Double-Collar3 Paganoonoo-Double-Collar2

#23 The Judy Flower Pattern

rose1 Rose2 rose3

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Paganoonoo Garment Pattern Supplement (4 pages)
This supplement covers extras you’ll want to know while planning your garment:
  • Design Elements to Consider
  • Sizing
  • Fabric and Garment Care
  • Color and Pattern Choices: Dramatic or Classic & Understated
  • Cutting Guide
  • Seam Finishes
  • Troubleshooting Tears, Small Holes and Mistakes

Free Gift

 Paganoonoo High/Low Chemise Pattern (1 page)
Many of the Paganoonoo blouses feature a high/low hem, high in the front and lower in the back.  This shape can make it almost impossible to find a chemise.  If you are like me, and get what the ladies a Peninsula Wearable Art Guild call “Velcro Butt”*, a chemise is a necessity. Learn how to make one from a slip or nightgown.
*Velcro Butt is when the lower-back part of your shirt rides up and sits across the top of your butt, necessitating a tug down every time you stand up.