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About Paganoonoo

upcycle symbol red with type copyUpcycle (up-si-kel):
Upcycling means: To improve existing goods (such as clothing) through the use of labor, materials and creativity.



Develops upcycled clothing designs and sewing instructions
Sells sewing instructions for home sewers guiding them through each step of upcycling garments.
Owner Michelle Paganini gives presentations and workshops.
Occasionally sells upcycled garments
Champions upcycling, green sewing & fashion!

Owner Michelle Paganini, formerly an executive in the Medical Device Industry, went back to college (Canada College, Redwood, City, CA) to learn how to improve her sewing skills.  She learned that fashion is the second largest polluting industry on the planet!  Shocked, she decided to stop buying retail and by second hand fashion or make her own garments. Combining her sewing know-how with thrifted garments she became skilled at upcycling.  The business was launched in 2015 with the publication of Michelle’s article on upcycling: Shirt Cuts, Create Innovative Garments from Ordinary Shirts, in Threads Magazine issue #177.

Paganoonoo instructions make upcycling sewing simple. We have a commitment to all people who sew having access to a successful upcycling experience. With that commitment in mind our sewing patterns feature detailed instructions and illustrations on how to select, disassemble and reassemble garments, transforming them into something new and unique in the process.

The patterns start with information for upcycle sewing (including vs. flat fold fabric) and touch on:

  • Skill levels required
  • Terms
  • You as the designer
  • Sizing
  • Fabrics and garment care
  • Color and pattern choices
  • Cutting guide
  • Seam finishes
  • Materials and equipment, required and optional
  • Troubleshooting tears, holes, small mistakes

And are followed by detailed instructions and illustrations for disassemble and reassembly of the ready-to-wear garments.  Patterns are offered in both digital and printed copy formats.

Users say:
“Great directions – easy to use. I’ve made two of these shirts so far and have received lots of compliments!”

“Absolutely brilliantly clear & concise instructions… can’t wait to get started!”

“very easy & i love my new shirt. thank you.”

“Amazing inspiration along with wonderfully helpful technical details.
Hoping for more projects.”
“Easy to follow directions with lots of great tips.”

“Great PDF, can not wait to try this pattern. Reading your instructions, they are clear and easy to follow.”

“Because you can create does not imply you can teach. Paganoonoo Peggy Blouse Pattern is the exception to that “rule”. Concise, clear, well-written. Thank you! I’ve read the instructions, and am eager to cut and stitch.”

“I love to sew and I do it nearly everyday but I am the type that either needs directions or a pattern, I am not creative or artsy but tell me how to do it and I’ll reproduce anything. For the past few months I’ve attempted this type of style several times on my own and each one was worse than the last lol. Today, I made my very first lagenlook blouse and I loved every minute of it! The directions were clear and extensive, seller responded super quick to a question I had and in great detail to be sure I understood it. I really hope she continues to make upcycled sewing patterns like this as I finally understood how to put these together. I agree with description, absolutely for the intermediate sewer or advanced beginner. I now have the confidence to keep making them and each one will be better than the first!”

Contact us to arrange for presentations and workshops, ask for interviews, feature our work or to have a custom upcycled garments made for you!

Happy Upcycling!