Summer Sewing, Upcycled Jean Skirt

Sometimes I just want to sew, not for Paganoonoo (my upcycle sewing company), just for myself.  A few days ago I did just that, and made a summer skirt.

My motivation for the project?  I have a pair of very stained vintage overalls that I'd cut off to shorts length.  SO comfortable.  Not the most attractive look, probably limited to gardening and working around the house.

I had a desire to make something shorts-like (and fit for public viewing) for the hot summer here in the SF Bay Area.   I'm not that fond of shorts or trying to fit pants, so I thought a skirt might be easier and more comfortable. 

Starting with a pair of jeans purchased from a customer, I set about making a 60's/70's style hippie skirt only at knee length.  The jeans arrived with wear and holes that were come by honestly by her husband working in the pants (l like that!).

I cut the inseam open, leaving a 1/3" wide strip of fabric on the side of the seam to use for sewing down the piece.  I cut up halfway up the front and back seams using the same methods. 
The rest was all overlaying, pinning, trying on, re-overlay, re-pin, try on, and repeat literally 15+ times. I was able to conform the skirt to my figure using this method.  I left the hem raw, being very careful not to cut it too short.  It took 5 tries cutting off a bit at a time to get the length I wanted.  To determine where to cut, I marked in while I had it on so I liked where it fell.  After seeing these photos I think I can go a bit shorter in the back. 
I may also do a "Boro" mending on the holes.
The one glitch left is that the bottom of the fly will not sit flush to the body and makes a bit of a 3-D crease. It may not be that visible to others, but I know it is there.
I thought about cutting underneath it and just overlap and topstitch. - a bit tricky though as that would put a smile right at my crotch. LOL.
For now I'm not doing anything.
I have worn the skirt out in public.  It is much more fitted than what I typically wear so is taking some getting used to.
I think they will be a good "shorts" substitute.

What summer sewing are you doing?



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