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Innovation in Upcycled Fashion Design

About Paganoonoo

Paganoonoo champions green sewing and eco fashion by developing upcycled clothing designs and easy sewing instructions for home sewers. Our patterns feature detailed instructions and illustrations on how to select, disassemble and reassemble existing garments, transforming them into something new and unique in the process. We empower home sewers in creating successful reworked clothing from existing fashions.  Our designs are classic with and arty twist, and are popular with baby boomers and curvy ladies.

About the Designer

Michelle Paganini, formerly an executive in the Medical Device Industry, returned to college to improve her sewing skills. She learned that fashion one of the largest polluting industries on the planet. Shocked, she decided to stop buying retail, and purchase secondhand fashion or make her own garments. Combining her sewing know-how with thrifted garments, Michelle became skilled at upcycling, a method of reusing existing materials and producing something of greater value. Paganoonoo was launched in 2015 with the publication of Michelle’s article on upcycling: Create Innovative Garments from Ordinary Shirts, in Threads Magazine, issue #177.

Statistics (March 2021)

In business since 2015
Patterns sold: 7000+
YouTube: 6.9 subscribers
Facebook Paganoonoo Upcycle Sewing Group: 1.3K
Facebook Main: 3.3K
Instagram: 1.2K
Email subscribers: 1.2K
Etsy Views: 441K since 2015, 3.8K orders to date
Pinterest, monthly views: 400K, 15K followers
It's Sew Easy TV episodes: 7


Paganoonoo’s upcycled fashions are classic/arty and flattering, with plenty of hip and belly room. We set home stitchers up for upcycling success by selling upcycle sewing instructions as downloadable PDFs or hard copy enabling the home sewer to duplicate the designs. Upcycle sewing is easy on the budget, good for the planet, and all the tough bits are already complete, like buttonholes, collars, plackets, etc.  Additionally we offer online video instruction on the Teachable platform. 

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I started with the Patti shirt and have since purchased two more patterns (Cindy and Michelle). I now have a whole wardrobe (about 20 shirts) and I've made some for friends. It is so simple to compile these patterns--I'm not a great seamstress AND they are simple to fit and sew and look fabulous (my figure is less than stellar as well). What I really love is that when I wear them people ask where I got them and do I sell them? I love recommended Michelle Paganoonoo Paganini and her designs as they are for everyone. By reusing men's shirts, I actually get better quality than in the store and certainly dress a lot more creatively and colorfully. I don't have to go into crowded stores anymore and pick out clothes that look like everyone else's. Give it a try even if you say "I don't sew".

“Because you can create does not imply you can teach. Paganoonoo Peggy Blouse Pattern is the exception to that ‘rule.’ Concise, clear, well-written. Thank you! I’ve read the instructions, and am eager to cut and stitch.”

“For the past few months I’ve attempted this type of style several times on my own and each one was worse than the last, lol. Today, I made my very first lagenlook blouse and I loved every minute of it! The directions were clear and extensive, seller responded super quick to a question I had and in great detail to be sure I understood it.”

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