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The Peggy Blouse                     View More Versions

Peggy-Blouse-1 Peggy-Blouse-2

Customer feedback:

“Because you can create does not imply you can teach. Paganoonoo Peggy Blouse Pattern is the exception to that “rule”. Concise, clear, well-written. Thank you! I’ve read the instructions, and am eager to cut and stitch.”

Great directions – easy to use. I’ve made two of these shirts so far and have received lots of compliments.!

The Patti Blouse                                View More Versions


Customer Feedback:

“Easy to follow directions with lots of great tips.”

“I love to sew and I do it nearly everyday but I am the type that either needs directions or a pattern, I am not creative or artsy but tell me how to do it and I’ll reproduce anything. For the past few months I’ve attempted this type of style several times on my own and each one was worse than the last lol. Today, I made my very first lagenlook blouse and I loved every minute of it! The directions were clear and extensive, seller responded super quick to a question I had and in great detail to be sure I understood it. I really hope she continues to make upcycled sewing patterns like this as I finally understood how to put these together. I agree with description, absolutely for the intermediate sewer or advanced beginner. I now have the confidence to keep making them and each one will be better than the first!”

The Cindy Blouse                          View More Versions


Featured on It’s Sew Easy series 1300 on PBS. The CINDY BLOUSE creates a wonderful optical illusion…with a decorative front panel in an “hourglass” shape, mimicking a curvy bust, waist, and hips. The panel breaks up the breadth of the blouse drawing the eye to the curved shape. Ladies, this is great news for all of us, and especially for curvy girls like me!
The silhouette features the signature Paganoonoo high/low hem and loose fitting hip. This blouse has 3/4 sleeves with a decorative band. The side insets add 6″ to 9″ of ease at the hip. Optionally, a double collar adds flair and dresses up the look even more.

The Ashlee Blouse                      View More Versions

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Customer Feedback:

Luv luv luv this! Very easy to understand and good illustrations!

The Sandy Blouse                    View More Versions

The SANDY BLOUSE features a unique back design that from the side view, the back pleated panel poufs out, tucking under at the hip level creating a 1920’s cocoon coat type profile. The overall effect is feminine and comfortable with a bit of drama. The decorative circle motifs provide perfect vignettes for applique techniques or can feature your machine embroidery, quilting or fabric collage skills. … !! Promises Lots of Compliments !! …

The Michelle Dress           View More Versions

The MICHELLE DRESS has a bell shaped silhouette with a semi-fitted bodice, featuring an empire waistline in the center front which dips down as it moves to the back of the dress. Large deep front pockets surrounded by pleating are a playful addition and the design is loose fitting in the hips. The ¾ length sleeves are hemmed or accented by an optional cuff. This LAGENLOOK style’s overall effect is feminine, comfortable, and confident.

It works well with many figure types and adapts well to ROMANTIC AND BOHO themes. Would make a great eco-friendly bridesmaid pattern (they will wear it later!) Transform 3-5 men’s or women’s dress shirts into your unique, beautiful Michelle Dress CUSTOMIZED to your figure.

The Ellie T-Shirt                       View More Versions

The Ellie T-Shirt Pattern is our SIMPLEST DESIGN !! Recommended for those new to upcycling. The ELLIE T-Shirt silhouette is feminine and flattering, a dressier take on a standard t-shirt and creates a better fit by designing in hip ease while the high/low hemline gives a pleasing profile view. The silhouette works well with all figure types and pairs well with pants and skirts.

The Rebecca Dress                             View More Versions

The Rebecca Dress color-block shirtdress has an intact shirt as the bodice with added bust shaping and optional back gathers. The lower half of the dress is uniquely constructed of sleeves, with the cuffs forming the waistband. Optionally, another layer of color-block detail can be added at the hemline. The dress buttons down the front and a double collar adds flair.  The overall effect is classic/arty and is sporty or dressy depending on the choice of colors and patterns.

The Bekah Skirt                       View More Versions

This color-block Bekah Skirt design is uniquely constructed of sleeves, with the cuffs forming the waistband. Optionally, another layer of color-block detail can be added at the hemline. The skirt buttons down the front. The overall effect is classic/arty and can be sporty or dressy depending on the choice of colors and patterns.

The Boro Jean Jacket               View More Versions

The Boro Jean Jacket is upcycled using a generous sized waffle fabric Kimono style bath robe, 5 – 6 denim jeans of various shades(instead of flat fold fabric) and a plain leather belt. The design is built on the foundation of the waffle robe following Paganoonoo upcycling instructions. The classic cut and materials makes this a truly unisex garment with timeless appeal.

The Noel Dress or Top              View More Versions

The Noel A-line dress is loosely fit at the bust and flows free at the hips. Existing dress shirt hems are utilized to create a charming tiered effect. The wavy hems on the tiers add even more interest. The use of multiple shirts create a subtle or dramatic color-blocked effect, depending on the colors and patterns chosen. Leaving off the third tier yields a charming tunic top.

The Kendra Pattern       View More Versions


The Kendra Top/Tunic Child’s Pattern

The Paganoonoo Double
Collar Upcycling Pattern         View More Versions

Paganoonoo-Double-Collar1 Paganoonoo-Double-Collar3 Paganoonoo-Double-Collar2

Featured on It’s Sew Easy series 1300 on PBS.

The Judy Flower Pattern       View More Versions

rose1 Rose2 rose3

The Judy Flower makes a great one-of-a kind gift!     It is versatile and can easily be used to embellish other clothes, coats, slippers, hats, headbands, bags and more.

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Paganoonoo Garment Pattern Supplement (4 pages)
This supplement covers extras you’ll want to know while planning your garment:
  • Design Elements to Consider
  • Sizing
  • Fabric and Garment Care
  • Color and Pattern Choices: Dramatic or Classic & Understated
  • Cutting Guide
  • Seam Finishes
  • Troubleshooting Tears, Small Holes and Mistakes

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 Paganoonoo High/Low Chemise Pattern (1 page)
Many of the Paganoonoo blouses feature a high/low hem, high in the front and lower in the back.  This shape can make it almost impossible to find a chemise.  If you are like me, and get what the ladies a Peninsula Wearable Art Guild call “Velcro Butt”*, a chemise is a necessity. Learn how to make one from a slip or nightgown.
*Velcro Butt is when the lower-back part of your shirt rides up and sits across the top of your butt, necessitating a tug down every time you stand up.