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Michelle Dress

Michelle Dress

BoHo and Lagenlook Style

• Semi-fitted bodice with bell shape silhouette
• Empire front dipping to waistline
• Dramatically large draped front pockets
• ¾ length sleeves with optional cuffs
• High/low hem (slightly or dramatically)

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The Michelle Dress has a bell shaped silhouette with a semi-fitted bodice, featuring an empire waistline in the center front which dips down as it moves to the back of the dress. Large deep front pockets surrounded by pleating are a playful addition and the design is loose fitting in the hips. The ¾ length sleeves are hemmed or accented by an optional cuff. Optionally, a double collar adds flair and a flower dresses up the look even more. The overall effect is feminine, comfortable, and confident.

The Michelle silhouette works well with ALL FIGURE TYPES and adapts well to ROMANTIC AND BOHO themes. Would make a great eco-friendly bridesmaid pattern (they will wear it later!)