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Peggy Blouse

Peggy Blouse

Our Most Popular Pattern!

• Semi-fitted bodice with bell shape silhouette
• Pleated front lower panels adds hip ease
• Eye-catching Back Details also add hip ease
• High/low hem (slight, medium or dramatic)
• Creative, Fun use of color-blocking
• BONUS Double Collar Pattern adds extra style

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The PEGGY BLOUSE silhouette works well with ALL FIGURE TYPES and is particularly flattering on pear shaped ladies; it is self-adjusting to individual body curves and heights. The overall effect is feminine, comfortable, and confident. 3 dress shirts are needed, preferably “all men’s” or “all women’s” so the buttons are aligned on the same side. These 3 shirts form the color-blocking on the front of the blouse.  Tips are provided on choosing color and pattern combinations enabling you to create a beautiful, unique Peggy Blouse CUSTOMIZED to your figure.