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Michelle Paganini
Pattern Designer


Upcycle Sewing Made Simple!

Upcycle Sewing is different than sewing with flat cloth; the starting materials are previously owned garments.  Working with existing garments to make new fashions is both rewarding and challenging.

Paganoonoo instructions save you time and aggravation, making upcycle sewing simple. 

  • There are no pattern pieces to print, cut out, and then pin to garments.  The instructions are formatted for 8 1/2″ by 11″ printer paper and can be purchased as digital downloads or hard copy.
  • Technical constructions steps are defined in  step-by-step illustrated instructions.
  • Garments are disassembled and reassembled creating a new and unique garment custom fit to your figure.  Find out how that custom fit happens here.
  • Want tips on how to get started?  General guidelines for upcycling, like making color choices? Each garment pattern includes a free tip sheet, which you can also download from the bottom of the pattern page.
  • Want to try out Paganoonoo with an inexpensive pattern first? The Judy Flower is representative of how the instructions look for the garment patterns.
  • Read customer reviews here.

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