About the Company


Paganoonoo is an independent fashion house dedicated to sustainable fashion, and our methodology is upcycling existing clothing.  We provide sewists with the means to upcycle clothing successfully, through the sale of our upcycle sewing instructions and by teaching workshops.

Paganoonoo was founded by Michelle Paganini, an avid upcycling enthusiast and professionally trained fashion designer.  The business is based in California, where Michelle designs, writes upcycle sewing instructions, sews upcycled garments, films video tips, and more.  She has also appeared on PBS's It's Sew Easy Show.  

Paganoonoo upcycle sewing instructions have been successfully used by our customers for over four years now. Here is what they say:

"I have several (7) of her Patterns & I’ve made several of her shirts! Love them & I get compliments every time I wear one! People are fascinated with them! There are great instructions, step by step & extra hints on how to make it your own style & use your creativity! Now I’m always looking for a good men’s shirt at Thrift Stores! I watch her on the morning TV show Its Sew Easy when she’s been a guest. She’s been wonderful to meet..." - Char Lodgson

"I made the Boro Jacket... I found the experience of constructing this garment to be challenging and fun. I found that putting it together flat as the pattern describes to be the way to go. I hand sewed all the pieces to the jacket with Boro thread. Don’t be afraid to remove pieces that don’t work, I sure did, several times. I recommend this pattern to anyone looking to challenge your design skills.
- Trudy Smith

"I started with the Patti shirt and have since purchased two more patterns (Cindy and Michelle). I now have a whole wardrobe (about 20 shirts) and I've made some for friends. It is so simple to compile these patterns--I'm not a great seamstress AND they are simple to fit and sew and look fabulous (my figure is less than stellar as well).

What I really love is that when I wear them people ask where I got them and do I sell them? I love recommending Michelle Paganoonoo Paganini and her designs as they are for everyone. By reusing men's shirts, I actually get better quality than in the store and certainly dress a lot more creatively and colorfully. I don't have to go into crowded stores anymore and pick out clothes that look like everyone else's. Give it a try even if you say "I don't sew". - Jane Wolfe